SportSwingStyle is an exceptional tool for harnessing the power different specialists for different benefits system.

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  • Neurological disorders: With the right encouragement, training improves outcomes suspended exponentially. Imbalances, the destabilization, the challenges proprioception, strengthening suspended ... our bodies are qualities difficult to work without suitable materials is SportSwing.
  • Traumatic Disorders: Exercise in suspension accelerates muscle recovery from resistance both as potential at our muscular system. Using training methods slurry decreases the time and ensure no recurrence of the lesion through the work proprioceptive structures involved.
  • Rheumatic disorders: Muscular work loads unsupported by members of the same suspension makes this function depends not only on the therapist, sometimes by their own exhaustion fails to unburden enough.
  • Classical Pilates: With the suspension training, get speed stabilizer muscle toning, posture neutralize sometimes with assistance that we could not through classic Pilates apparatus.
  • Relaxation: Our system incorporates the Sportswing RELAX, a range of relaxing positions: positions in which the relaxation of muscles, ligaments, joints traction, oxygenation and many other features of posture convey a great burden sedative we peace and welfare transfers physical and mental.
  • Posture correction: SporSwing is a spectacular system to retrain posture, a vital weapon for training, strengthening the stabilizing muscles of our musculoskeletal system, and of course a hitch by our patients a suspension training system.
  • Psychomotor: The suspension is ideal training for psychomotor problems at all ages. Balance, proprioception, stability, rhythm and cadence sequential fluctuations in tone to accommodate suspension movement, sense of freedom, open movements, movements neuromotor control ... A wealth of sensations and possibilities for improvement certainly by SportSwing and suspension training for therapeutic purposes.
  • Maintenance: This important purpose to be achieved through suspension training is one of the few that can not be achieved through other training systems. When a patient or athlete is in a period of recovery, specifically to work areas not involved in the injury or exercises must attend to the injured area and resist for the rest.
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