Especially recommended for:


  • Children: Improves coordination, allows performing exercises that have to do with the contact or game that enhance the performance of curiosity, exploration and imagination. Children playing or practicing Sportswing for 1 or 2 hours a week, take on qualities that are not available with other sports equipment allowing them to practice semiacrobáticos exercise, fun and high capacity to improve their strength, endurance and flexibility.
  • Athletes: both aerobic and anaerobic work as SportSwing stimulates the athlete to new challenges that lead the achievement of objectives. Suspension exercises are key to improved balance, proprioception and the ability to react to constant destabilization.
  • Pregnant: Enhancing socialization, competition, self-esteem and prevents the appearance of possible emotional problems arising from pregnancy. In addition to recreational level in pregnant women find that meeting other pregnant women and chaired by a professional that your training plan, they feel much more clothed and happy, and if that training is SportSwing will live much fun physical experiences and enriching at all levels
  • Older: Improving autonomy, coordination and memory. It is important for greater leisure, for your psyche for everything seen and for your body to improve basic qualities that are lost in the aging process much faster if it is not working.
  • Sedentary Adults: probably the most numerous and most can benefit from using SportSwingStyle since the benefits can be therapeutic or simply sporting or leisure.
  • Pregnant Sportswingstyle