SportSwingStyle has a large multidisciplinary team, doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports field professionals, podiatrists, psychologists, architects and management team to achieve the best results and meet their desired goals.


Founder Judith Sanchez. Director Administration.

 Judith Sánchez Garrido

Director of Administration

Degree in Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy Masters in Aesthetics. He specializes in Stott Pilates Reformer soil and IR, and Professor of EMU Master of Advanced Physiotherapy techniques for Women. Teaching in Spanish Federation of Pilates, Tai Chi and Chi Kun. Currently, Judith AEPID coordinates its work with AEFEP with the direction of the area of Physiotherapy, Pilates, Osteopathy and Mayuben Aesthetic Clinic.


Founder Marta Carral. Director Sales.

Marta Carral Hernández

Director of Sales

Degree in Physiotherapy from the University Alfonso X El Sabio. Sports physiotherapy is a specialist in the Real Madrid CF and Structural Osteopathy through the University of Alcala de Henares. During his career he has been coordinator of physiotherapists in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and Milan. Teaching in Spanish Federation of Pilates, Tai Chi and Chi Kun, and clinic Medical Veritas. Currently, Marta AEPID coordinates its work with AEFEP and area address Physiotherapy, Pilates and Osteopathy Clinic Mayuben.


Founder Paz Membibre Saavedra. Director Marketing

Paz Membibre Saavedra

Director of Marketing and Communications

Bachelor Kinesiology and Physical Medicine in Buenos Aires by the Universidad San Martin. Diploma in Physiotherapy from the University Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid. He studied Master in Business Management and Marketing at ESADE study center. His passion for management and the Pilates Method, Peace makes responsible for the expansion and business strategy of the company and the developer of the Communication Plan, the strategy "on line" and Social Networking (Social Media Strategist) .



SCIENTIFIC TEAM. Margarita Maria Hurtado

Margarita María Hurtado

Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor in

Studied the Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Cauca, Popayán, Colombia, and became specialist Physiotherapy Advanced Techniques for Women by the European University of Madrid. Margarita professions have developed their skills in the two countries to receive training, in Colombia, worked as Cauca Physiotherapy Football League and Asmet Health Clinic EPS-S, and in Spain currently combines his work with AEFEP AEPID professional and Mayuben Clinic.


scientifics team Eva Maria Martinez Jimenez

Eva María Martínez Jiménez

Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor in

's Degree in Physiotherapy and Podiatry, both from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He has published books and articles of podiatric medicine. Maintains a history teacher at the same university where he trained. He has worked as a physiotherapist at the Medical Center La Paloma, Valdavia Medical Center, the Sports and Health Center North Real, Hospital Virgen de la Salud de Toledo and, currently, in Mayuben Clinic.


Scientifics team Jessica Renata Oliveira Souza

Jessica Renata Oliveira Souza.

Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor in

Physiotherapy degree studied at the Universities of São Paulo Anhembi Morumbi European and Madrid. She specializes in Pilates for Rehabilitation and Sports Cinesiterapia the Alcala de Henares University in Physiotherapy in Obstetrics Urogynecology and International Postgraduate Training in Physiotherapy DRC Jessica has worked in Brazil Anhembi Physiotherapy Clinic, the Center for Health and Sports Center (University Anhembi Morumbi) and Hospital Ipirang. Currently uses professional work with Clinic AEFEP Mayuben.



The physical benefits of SSS system are supported in various treatments for prevention and reeducation and rehabilitation, based on active exercise.

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