SportSwingStyle born from the need to combine one of the dreams of A man since ancient times, feel your body without gravity, the feeling of liberation from his weight, exercise. Experience the feeling of flying.

SportSwingStyle on the beach

Thanks to SportSwingStyle can feel the body in suspension, resisting gravity. The benefits of this exercise are huge at all levels, both to free us from stress and to restore vital functions and structural. The sense of release weight, frees our bodies and our minds. Meets physical strength and resistance to gravity.

Far from needing a enviable physical shape, exercise is suspended increasingly demanded by healthcare professionals as an effective method to retrain, restore and rebalance functions.

The system allows the practice of many activities such as Pilates, Yoga, fitness, relaxation, or simply give in to the fun part of the material to enjoy.

Sportswingstyle system

SportSwingStyle is made with the finest materials to ensure total safety when practicing. From the manufacture of fabrics to the holding structure, passes through the hands of the best coaches in each of the materials to ensure not only absolute safety when practicing the exercise, but an absolute quality in every one of parts.

SportSwingStyle system is supported by the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists Pilates experts (AEFEP) and the Spanish Association of Sports Pilates (AEPID)