SportSwingStyle formation, is huge. Our courses will be made from any specialty health professionals such as physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, professionals dedicated to sport and physical activity, in any specialty, INEF, TAFAD, physical education teachers, sports coaches , occasional athletes, personal trainers, specialists in alternative therapies, or even occasional users who want to learn about the utilities and physical and therapeutic benefits of SSS.


If you want to learn a specific way because I have no prior knowledge, should contact SportSwingStyle staff to personally inform more specific courses and ensure proper training on the SSS, to avoid injuries or disorders unwanted. * All our courses and according to the customer need, are taught in so short (5 hours) or extended mode (50 hours). Depending on whether the users know the basic techniques (yoga, pilates, training ...) in which case one would try to focus on adaptation, and if not we could conociesen extensively explain the basic techniques adapt to SportSwingStyle more.